The Process

We know you will have lots of questions about a modular home before you make the decision to let us build one for you. We are willing to take the time to answer any questions you have, via email, phone, or in person. We want you to be comfortable with your home-building decision.


We don’t feel our clients should have to settle with a floor plan that was designed around another family’s needs. Modular Homes of Texas will customize any plan you choose from our website or you can bring us your own plan. We want to build the home that’s right for you.

The MHOT Advantage

Modular Homes of Texas builds nothing but modular homes! Most of our competitors spend about 80% of their time selling mobile homes and modular is just a sideline business. And with over twenty years of combined experience, we have become synonymous with custom, quality built structures. Whether you are building the home of your dreams, a vacation home, a multi-family project or a commercial structure, Modular Homes of Texas is there every step of the way.

And, perhaps most importantly, we will meet with you and we will personally inspect the land you’ve purchased to ensure there will be no surprises. When we give you a price quote, we can stand behind it.


Getting financing for a new modular home has never been easier. There is no distinction between modular and site-built homes as far as appraisal or financing. Banks and lending institutions treat both types of construction the same. Many banks prefer modular houses because of the fixed cost and clear description of what they are financing. Likewise, there is no difference in insuring the modular property.

How Modular Homes are Built

We work with you every step of the way. You’ll choose a floor plan from our website, and we will customize it with any personalizations or revisions you would like. We want you to make it your home. You can even bring us your own floor plan, and we’ll build it for you.

The process of building a modular home is similar to what you’ve seen during the construction of houses in your neighborhood; however, the work is performed on a production line. Quality materials are used and skilled craftsmanship is maintained while multiple departments construct the home. Once the building process is complete, typically with interior finish right down to wall finish, the unit is transported to the home site and placed on the foundation. Final steps include connection of utilities to the home and a short list of finish work.

Cost Savings

When you add up all the labor, material and time savings inherent in the modular building process, you will find that the price of a modular home is generally lower than a site-built home of comparable size. Buying materials in bulk and having a fixed cost instead of being subject to cost overruns are examples why the modular building cost can be lower than site-built homes. From start to finish you can expect our modular home to be completed within two months ready to move in. Speed, convenience and consistent quality are some of the many advantages for choosing a Modular Home of Texas.We are pleased to present you with more information to help you make the decision to build a new Modular Home.

Let's Get Started!

Thank you for your interest in Modular Homes of Texas. We hope you now agree, Modular Homes of Texas is the best Building alternative! Call or email us to start the process and get all your questions personally answered. Contact us at (254) 230-9644 or